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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What vehicles are you equipped to service?

A: We are equipped with the latest information & technology to repair domestic & import vehicles including European makes & models.

Q: Should I have my car undercoated  EVERY year?

A: Yes, we recommend getting your car undercoated every year. It makes much more sense to be proactive against rust, rather than reactive. Thousands of dollars are spent needlessly every year on repairs that could have been prevented by just undercoating your vehicle.


Q: Will the undercoating drip on my lane way?

A: Absolutely not. Our undercoating is 100% free of drips.


Q: I recently purchased a new vehicle; Am I able to bring it to you for its regular maintenance?

A: Yes, any maintenance performed at Erwin’s Automotion Inc. will not void your warranty.

Q: I have been in an accident. Am I able to have my vehicle brought to your shop for the repairs needed?

A: Yes, by law you can tell your insurance company where you would like to have your vehicle repaired. Erwin’s Automotion Inc. can facilitate all work for you whether its major body work or mechanical repairs needed.

Q: In the past, having my car repaired has not been a pleasant experience. Knowing very little about my vehicles operation, I find it hard trusting the opinions and recommendations of garages . What makes you different?

A: Erwin’s Automotion Inc. believes that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. We pride ourselves in being completely up front and honest about the work needed. We believe in spending time educating our customers about their vehicles needs and safety concerns prior to completing ANY repairs.

Q: We are considering buying a used vehicle; should we have it inspected by our mechanic before we close the deal?

A:  Absolutley! Buying a used vehicle without it being inspected(even from a dealership) is very risky. Always have your mechanic give the vehicle a very thorough look-over before you sign ANY sales agreements.